Your radiator brush and cobweb duster manufacturer

bhobo is a leading producer of wire brushes for household applications. Our range consists of dusting brushes, radiator brushes, bottle brushes, wheel brushes, ceiling brushes and more. The brushes are manufactured with natural fibres such as goat hair or horse hair, and we can also make brushes with boar bristle. The handles can be finished according to your preference. We are able to furnish them with wooden handles, natural handles or with a plastic finish. For our ceiling brushes, we have a series of aluminium telescoping handles of 2, 4, and 6 metres with German wire, conical top and/or a knee joint.

bhobo prides itself on the quality and finish of its products. Thanks to our entirely in-house production line, we have control over every step of the production process.

In our catalogue, you can view our complete line:

cobweb duster manufacturer
radiator brush manufacturer
blind brush manufacturer
telescopic pole supplier
lawm mower brush
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