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Our history

bhobo brush from Izegem is a "thoroughbred" brush manufacturer. Stemming from a rich industrial history and brush making tradition, bhobo brush is still one of the few family-owned brush manufacturers. Craftsmanship and tradition are integrated with modern management and true know-how. Hochepied Brushes has been a specialist for 70 years - and now more than ever, an ideal specialist partner for our European customers.

bhobo brush - a rich tradition that is ready for the future.

Our History

19441944 Founding of Hochepied Brushes by Omer Hochepied and his wife Maria De Waele
1958Son Erik starts working at the company. Hochepied Brushes specializes in the manufacture of wire brushes and builds a factory on Baron Street in Emelgem
1961The youngest son Patrik enters the business and takes over daily management together with Erik and Maria following the untimely death of Omer in 1964
19821982 Maria De Waele passes away. Erik and Patrik incorporate the company as Hochepied bvba
1991Due to health reasons, Erik ceases activity in the company. Patrik and his wife Christine Lootens now become the company management
1992The company expands with additional production and storage space. The first CNC-driven wire brush machines are purchased and the company experiences exponential growth over the next several years
200460 years after its founding, Christophe Hochepied takes over the duties of his father Patrik and continues to invest in production, innovation and new buildings
2009The full brush range is updated and the Bhobo brand is launched.
2011The company expands again with a larger production facility and new office rooms
2013Hochepied Brushes takes over the firm Brosselite and expands its line further with high-quality feather dusters. Rubber brushes are also added to the offerings
2016Recent years bhobo brush grew too big for the confines of its current building so we invested in a new company facility of 3000m² in Izegem. Now that we are poised for further growth, we are situated very close to the exit from the E403 and even more accessible for you.
2018Launch of the new Plubo trademark

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A rich tradition

Ready for the future