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Bhobo is a manufacturer of various solar panel brushes for the professional installer of solar panels. The cylinder-shaped brushes are placed between the roof tiles and the solar panel so that birds can no longer make nests under them and damage the cables or parts of the installation. They are the cheapest bird blocker on the market. Solar guard brushes as bird blocker are also the easiest way of installing, compared to other systems.

In addition, we also have a wide range of hard and soft brushes for cleaning solar panels.
The brushes are easy to screw onto our rods with waterflow. You can attach the garden hose to the rod and then easily clean the panels from the ground or balcony or from a Velux.

This should be done at least twice a year to keep the panels’ efficiency at the optimum level!

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cilinderborstel zonnepaneel
bilevel borstel zonnepanelen
raamborstel met korte harde en lange zachte vezel
fabrikant van alle borstels voor zonnepanelen
stelen met waterdoorvoer

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